LifeSaver® Liberty™

24 May, 2018

Introducing the NEW LifeSaver® Liberty™, the worlds’ first and only portable water purifier which is a bottle with an inline pump combined.

Using the same advanced filtration technology as the original LifeSaver bottle, the LifeSaver Liberty™ is small and light, yet robust and easy to use. The perfect combination for outdoor enthusiasts, travellers or anyone who needs a reliable source of drinking water.


Lifesaversystems i krisdrabbade Norra Irak och Sierra Leone

18 September, 2014

Norra Irak, september 2014

DFID (Department for International Development, UK) har beställt och skickat 12.500 LifeSaver kuber. Man har också köpt in och lagt ett lager på ytterligare 12.500 kuber för att mycket snabbt kunna leverera vid kommande katastrofer.


Västra Afrika den 18 september 2014

DFID har idag lagt order på 6 stycken LifeSaver C2 tankar med en reningskapacitet om 12.000.000 liter. C2-tankarna skall levereras direkt till Sierra Leone för mildra och vara en betydelsefull, och i många avseenden en avgörande faktor i att begränsa den fortsatta spridningen av ebola i området. Samtidigt säkrar detta tillgången på rent dricksvatten för den första gruppen av hjälparbetare på plats. C2-tankarna kommer att tas emot av  organisationen Save the Children, som också kommer att ansvara för distributionen av vattenreningstankarna.



Lifesaversystems levererar vattenreningsutrustning till katastrofdrabbade Philipinerna

En första sammanställning av leveranserna av vattenreningsutrustning till katastrofdrabbade Filippinerna har gjorts.

Via DFID (Department for International Development, UK ) har det skickats 5.000 LifeSaver Jerry Cans och 35.000 LifeSaver kuber direkt från LifeSaversystems. Även organisationer som Oxfam, IFRC och Save the Children m.fl. har gjort flertalet egna leveranser av samma produkter. Både LifeSaver Jerry Cans och LifeSaver kuber används dagligen, och för många är det också den enda möjligheten till ett rent dricksvatten.

Lifesaver på plats i Getinge – September 2014

11 September, 2014
Getinge 2014

Getinge 2014

Lifesaver på plats i översvämningsdrabbade Getinge. 160 hushåll av 680 drabbade har nu fått möjligheten att använda vattenreningskuben för att själva rena bort alla E-coli bakterier från kranvattnet.


Capsicum – New partner for Norway and Denmark

5 February, 2014



Capsicum’s main target groups today are military, governments and municipalities. We are looking forward to elaborate this cooperation and work together with Capsicum, in Norway as well as in Denmark.


TECNEX Oy – Lifesaver Systems presents a new partner for the Finnish market

11 December, 2013


Venatio AB is happy to inform that partner for the Finnish market is the company Tecnex Oy. The company was established in 1983 and represents several products in Finland, the main target group are authorities and private organizations. Tecnex Oy will start to market the LifeSaver products in Finland during December.


Swedish Minister of Defence, Mrs. Karin Enström opens MSB exhibition in Revinge.

12 September, 2013


Picture 1) Minister of Defence, Mrs. Karin Enström. Picture 2 & 3) Nils Svartz of MSB and Minister of Defence, Mrs. Karin Enström informes themselves about Lifesaver products. 

 The minister talked about municipalities and their present and future work to reach a preparedness level to handle environmental and surrounding world impact.  


The world Leading Defence & Security Event, DSEI – London

29 August, 2013

The world Leading Defence & Security Event, DSEI, in London, Monday 9th – Friday 13th September. 
LifeSaver will be located in stand N6-394 for the launch of LIFESAVER C2 and LIFESAVER Cube.

With live demonstrations and our product range, join us to find out more. 

LifeSaver will also attend the fair in Revinge, Sweden on the 12 September arranged by MSB Revinge. The fair will officially be opened by the Swedish Minister of Defense, Mrs. Karin Enström. 

LifeSaver products will be presented by the Scandinavian LifeSaver staff Claes Mahrström and Christoffer Crona in the stand  from “Brissmans Brandredskap AB”. At the end of September, the new products LIFESAVER C2 and LIFESAVER Cube will be delivered to Sweden and will be demonstrated in Halmstad and also directly in field close to the customers both in Sweden and Denmark. 

It is now also easier to reach us! We have the domains and pointed to our homepage, which will make it more convenient for our danish and swedish customers to contact us.



LIFESAVER systems open for direct business in the USA

3 July, 2013

LIFESAVER systems commenced selling direct into the USA in April with its award-winning and revolutionary product line.

Brainchild of founder and inventor Michael Pritchard, LIFESAVER is the world’s first and only portable technology to eradicate all waterborne bacteria and viruses such as cholera, polio and Hepatitis A without the use of chemicals, UV light or the need for power. LIFESAVER bottles and jerrycans produce safe, sterile drinking water where you need it, when you need it. LIFESAVER make clean water faster than you can drink it!

Ashton Hunt, MD of LIFESAVER states: ‘bringing our products direct to the US market provides the opportunity to launch our new Disaster Preparedness Packs. These Packs come sealed in military grade protective foil [US MIL-PRF 131K class 1 standard] and offer a 15 year shelf life that means they can be stored in preparation for hurricanes, earthquakes and other natural disasters. The packs offer resilience for individuals and families by providing clean, sterile drinking water when the need occurs and under extreme circumstances. When disaster strikes, simply open up your pack to fill, pump and drink…’

ISO 9001 certified, LIFESAVER systems is a company with unique technology and global reach serving four main markets: humanitarian, emergency preparedness, military and retail. With many global military customers, the LIFESAVER bottle and jerrycan are proven military kit, in-service across Europe, South Asia and the Middle East. In the Humanitarian market, LIFESAVER works closely with Oxfam, The Red Cross, Shelternow and Medicine Sans Frontiers, as well as being part of the UK Rapid Response Facility for short notice deployment with the UK Department for International Development (DFID).

LIFESAVER’s award-winning internationally patented technology is currently being used in a world first in Borneo, Eastern Malaysia; working directly with the Malaysian Government to install their latest high tech nano-filtration invention, the LIFESAVER M1. By the end of this year, LIFESAVER technology will have lifted 1 million Malaysians out of water poverty; permanently. LIFESAVER Disaster Preparedness Packs along with their full range of products can be found and ordered directly from their website 



ESSEX Inventor Aims to Eradicate Water Poverty by 2030!

2 July, 2013

Serial inventor Michael Pritchard, aged 45, is appearing on BBC2 ‘Tomorrow’s World’, a Horizon Special, where the life-changing water filtration system he invented to end Water Poverty will be featured. After watching the devastating news footage of the Asian tsunami in 2004 and later the following year seeing hurricane Katrina cripple New Orleans, Michael couldn’t believe that an apparently simple problem of providing safe drinking water to people in need, had not yet been solved. These 2 eventswere the inspiration for inventing the LIFESAVER bottle and the series of products that followed. LIFESAVER technology eradicates all waterborne diseases such as cholera and Hepatitis A, producing safe, sterile drinking water faster than you can drink it.

His internationally patented technology is currently being used in a world first in Borneo, Eastern Malaysia. Michael’s company, LIFESAVER, is working directly with the Malaysian Government to install his latest high tech nano-filtration invention, the LIFESAVER M1. The M1 is a community based rainwater-harvesting system and is currently being rolled out to 1500 villages and Longhouses across Malaysia. By the end of this year, LIFESAVER technology will have lifted 1 million Malaysians out of water poverty; permanently.

This project has attracted worldwide attention and other Governments, Aid Agencies and Philanthropists, from across the globe, are interested in finding out more about this unique invention. Michael is to be a guest speaker at the Goldman Sachs Asset Management 2013 Growth Markets Summit later this month, in New York. He will share the stage with international leaders and financiers including Nicolas Sarkozy, General Stanley McChrystal and Jim O’Neill [Chairman of Goldman Sachs Asset Management]. Michael will be asking them and others to join him and continue the march to ending water poverty by 2030.

Michael Pritchard is currently available for interview and will bring his LIFESAVER products with him. He’ll demonstrate their capability by drinking filthywater from local sources such as rivers, canals or ponds!

For further information on LIFESAVER technology and the product range, please visit



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