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We are working with an insurance which can ensure governments and municipalities in an emergency situation with clean drinking water to all connected municipalities and their citizens. The insurance consists of a stock of easy to use, fail-safe and reliable water purification equipment that gives you crystal clear drinking water. Lifesaver filtration is very easy to use and can be done by everyone, older adults as well as children. We can reach all of Sweden and all affected within 24 hours. Military strategic and logistical planning is the basis for all of our direct supplies.

We do not use electricity or hazardous chemicals in order to deliver clean safe drinking water to you!

Clean Safe Drinking Water!



The idea of ​​a water purifier started back in 2004 when the tsunami dragged across Thailand and then again in 2005 when Hurricane Katrina struck Louisiana in a devastating way. Since 2007, Lifesaver saved the lives of hundreds of thousands of people all over the world and with your and our help we will continue to do so for many years to come. Our water purification system is easy to use and can be used by everyone, older adults as well as children. One of our water bottles can provide clean water for more than one family, a capacity of 4000 liters up to 2000000 liters of drinking water without changing the filter. This provides the stamina that is so urgently needed in a crisis situation. Pure water without electricity and hazardous chemicals provides a guaranteed function and a sustainable growth for people and nature.

We can work with you to help people in crisis and those who are caught in poverty due to lack of clean drinking water.

Clean Safe Drinking Water!


Become a LIFESAVER with the LIFESAVER Fund 


By making an annual or one off donation, you can help a family or community in desperate need of clean sterile drinking water wherever
they are in the world. Whatever amount you can give, big or small, your generous gift will go towards the donation of one of our LIFESAVER
15,000 Litre jerrycans which can provide clean sterile drinking water to avillage of 50 for over 6 months – as one example.

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A prerequisite for a successful trip outside the city’s amenities is that you have access to a clean safe drinking water. Regardless if it comes to camping, hunting, fishing or traveling to distant countries you don´t want to get ill because of bad drinking water. To carry clean drinking water, the basis of all life, can be heavy and you may be limited on your trip. LifeSaver weighs 0.9 kg and allows you to get at least 4000 liters of clean drinking water.

LifeSaver comes both in the form of the bottle with its huge capacity and the jerrycan that is more suited for the camp, caravan, boat, car, group or family. These products are now available in well-stocked stores with an assortment of products for outdoor activities or to be purchased direct from this website.

Clean Safe Drinking Water



The Armed Forces are a customer with very high demands on function, quality and delivery. The function of the equipment is usually quite crucial for the operator and the group. Testing and evaluation of the product and the organization is a requirement for becoming a supplier of equipment to this customer. Lifesaver is a product that is actively used throughout the world in all areas, war zones, in the context of peacekeeping operations, natural disasters and often as a standard part of the equipment. We are working on the Scandinavian market to meet the requirements of all military units that will be deployed overseas. Extensive testing will begin to make sure we can satisfy the demands and needs of camps, staffs and soldiers when it comes to clean drinking water.

We guarantee clean drinking water that is produced entirely without access to electricity or harsh chemicals. We deliver products with a capacity that meets the needs of the individual soldier as well as a whole camp, from 4000 up to 2000000 liters without changing the filter. The drinking water that is produced is sterile. Directly after filtration it can be used in surgery or consumed without any risk of containing viruses, bacteria, cysts, parasites, fungi etc.

Our LifeSaver bottle with a capacity of 4,000 liters of sterile water, weighs 900 grams.

Clean Safe Drinking Water


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